CardBus-to-ExpressCard Adapter (1005-0052-002AX)
Allows USB Based 3G (EV-DO)/3.5G (HSDPA) ExpressCard/34 Boardband Wireless Modem to be used in CardBus-enabled notebooks
Passive CardBus-to-ExpressCard Adapter (OT) (1005-0031-001AX)
Passive ExpressCard/34 adapter

USB-to-ExpressCard Bay (1004-0154-001AX)
Adds easy-front-access USB 2.0 based ExpressCard interface into various types of desktop computer
USB-to-ExpressCard Adapter (1004-0153-001AX)
Hi-speed USB-to-ExpressCard adapter for connecting with various USB 2.0 based ExpressCard PC Cards

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