eSATA 2-Channel CardBus (1005-0044-000AX)
Dual-channel eSATA 1.5Gbps CardBus PC Card controller
for eSATA/eSATA II device connections
1394b 3-Port CardBus (1005-0014-000BX)
2-port 1394b (FireWire® 800) and 1-port 1394a (FireWire®) CardBus PC Card for various kinds of 1394b/1394a device connections
1394a 3-Port CardBus Host Adapter (1005-0007-000BX)
1394a (FireWire®) 3-Port CardBus Host Adapter for various devices connections
USB 2.0 2-Port CardBus Host Adapter (1005-0004-000CX)
Dual-port USB 2.0 CardBus Host Adapter for USB 2.0 device connections
PCI-to-PC CardBus Adapter Single (1001-0137-000BX)
PCI-to-CardBus (32-bit) adapter, single slot for various PC card connections

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