ISO 9001:2000 Certified
     Certificate No.: 06/0649

AVLAB, one of the industry's leading Information Technology (IT) connectivity providers, strives to accomplish the company's vision by creating, developing, and manufacturing advanced connectivity products to our customers worldwide.

The management team of AVLAB has a strong and long-running history in the IT industry. The department leaders in Operations, R&D, Engineering, Sales, and Manufacturing all have more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry. This knowledge assures AVLAB's customers that they are working with a company that knows the channel structure and support needed to succeed in this increasingly competitive market.

AVLAB's R&D and Engineering teams take pride in their ability to develop and create quality connectivity solutions. They can not only innovate and develop proprietary ASIC's and S/W drivers, but also redefine, redesign, and enhance the functions of market-ready IT products, enhancing the user-friendliness, reliability, making them more customer oriented. On May 5, 1999, the Taiwan Government's Industrial Development Bureau and Ministry of Economic Affairs qualified and approved AVLAB as a strategic High-Tech enterprise.

AVLAB has created over 200 items of connectivity solutions that deliver significantly high-quality products to our customers worldwide. According to the record of import/export performance from The Board of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, AVLAB is noted under "Excellent Taiwan Exporters and Importers in 1999 and 2000" in the government 's official file.

AVLAB's e-scope utilizes all of our knowledge and resources to achieve the company's goal to provide our customers with the total IT connectivity solutions. Our expertise in logistics management (procurement, inventory control, and shipping procedures) will help our customers attain greater efficiencies for their supply chain and reduce operation overhead. Our logistics team can handle inventory, including both consigned and customized materials, provide inventory management, stocking, and movement, working seamlessly with our customers' operation to insure optimal success and efficiency.

AVLAB's commitment to provide our customers with a Total solution and Complete service has resulted in impressive average of 60% annual growth in revenue, 100% growth in man-power, 100% growth in working capital, and 200% growth in our product line, from 1997 to 2001.

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