Low Profile>1394  
LP 1394b 3-Port PCIe Card (1008-0083-009AX)
Low Profile 1394b (FireWire® 800) 3-port PCIe host adapter for 1394b (FireWire® 800) and 1394a (FireWire®) device connections
LP 1394b PCIe Plus Card (1008-0082-009AX)
PCI Express 1394b (FireWire® 800) 2-port and 1394a (FireWire®) 1-port host adapter for FireWire 800 and FireWire device connections
LP 1394a 2+1 Port Host Adapter (1008-0059-009HX)
Low Profile 3-port (two external and one internal) 1394a (FireWire®) PCI for device connections
LP 1394a 3-Port Host Adapter (1008-0055-009HX)
Low profile PCI 3-port 1394a (FireWire®) host adapter

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