1394b 3-Port PCIe (1008-0081-000BX)
PCI Express 1394b (FireWire® 800) 2-port and 1394a (FireWire®) 1-port host adapter for FireWire® 800 and FireWire® device connections
1394a 2-Port PCIe Host Adapter (1008-0078-000BX)
Dual profile PCI Express 1394a (FireWire®) 2-port adapter for FireWire device connections
1394b 3-Port PCI-64 bit (1008-0071-000BX)
3-port 1394b (FireWire® 800) 64-bit PCI host adapter for device connections
Ultra ATA/133 PCI-Mac (1006-0089-000DX)
High-speed dual-channel Ultra ATA/133 controller for Apple PowerMac
1394b 2-Port ExpressCard (1005-0059-000AX)
Dual-port 1394b (FireWire® 800) ExpressCard/34 Host Adapter for PC and Mac notebook systems
ExpressCard to CF Adapter (1005-0056-000AX)
ExpressCard/34 to CF Adapter for various CF Card and provide High speed data transfers up to 40 Mb/s
eSATA II 2-channel ExpressCard/34 (1005-0043-000AX)
ExpressCard/34 form factor, provides two eSATA II 3.0Gbps channels
1394a 2-Port ExpressCard/34 (1005-0028-000AX)
Dual-port 1394a (FireWire®) ExpressCard/34 Host Adapter
USB 2.0 4+1 Port PCI (1004-0132-000EX)
USB 2.0 5-port (4 ext. & 1 int.) PCI host adapter supports high-speed (480 Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps), and low-speed (1.5 Mbps) data transfer modes

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