AVLAB, the professional IT provider, strives to accomplish our company vision by creating, developing, and manufacturing advanced connectivity products to our customers worldwide. You can count on us to effectively help you create an efficient supply chain!

R&D Team
Our experienced R&D team can not only innovate and develop the proprietary ASICs and S/W drivers but also redefine, redesign, and enhance the functions of market ready ITs to have customer oriented, user-friendly, reliable, and high-quality solutions.

Product Roadmap
We will provide you with a Product Roadmap once a month with next quarter's product updates. This will allow you to determine your new product launch strategy.

Evaluation Units
We will send you a complete testing report with every evaluation unit, which will reduce the time your company spends on product testing.

Version Control System
Having a consistent product line will allow others to have more confidence in your company's products. We can provide you with product consistency, which will maintain your brand equity.

Logistics Management
We can help you attain greater efficiencies for your supply chain and reduce your operation overhead. Our logistics team will handle your inventory, also including both consigned and customized materials, providing inventory management, stocking, and movement, working seamlessly with your operation to insure optimal success and efficiency.

Technical Support
In addition to normal technical support and customer service, our website's comprehensive knowledge base will supply you with technical support 24 hours a day.

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