SATA 4-Channel PCI_Mac  
Part No. 1006-0091-000A

Key Features & Benefits:
Supports four Serial ATA hard disk drives with high-speed data transfer rates up to 150MB/sec
The thin, flexible Serial ATA cable is easier to route inside a Apple Mac PC
Breaks the 137GB barrier! Supports various brands of large capacity Serial ATA hard disk drives
System Requirements:
Apple PowerMac G3 (blue & white) or later with an available 32-bit or 64-bit PCI slot
Mac® OS X v10.2 or later
Version: v1.0
Regulatory approval(s): FCC Class B (DoC) & CE (1998)
OS support: Mac® OS X v10.2 or later
Port type: Four Serial ATA ports
Slot type: 32-bit PCI
Compliant with Serial ATA Specification, revision 1.0
Compliant with PCI Specification, revision 2.3
Provides four independent channels to connect up to four Serial ATA hard disk drives
Supports Serial ATA data transfer rates up to 150MB/s (1.5Gb/s)
Features independent 256-byte FIFOs per channel for host reads and writes
Features Watch Dog timer for fault resiliency
Supports software RAID features built in the Mac OS
Co-exists with on-board controller
Can be used as the boot controller when a bootable hard disk drive is attached
Lower pin count and voltage requirement, plus better cabling over traditional Parallel ATA make Serial ATA the controller of the future
Package Contents:
SATA 4-Channel PCI-Mac
Serial ATA data cable
Seria ATA power cable
Quick installation quide