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  • AVLT Universal Slim Aluminum Alloy Desktop Headphone Stand Anti-Slip Headset Display Organizer Hanger Rack Holder - Brown

HIGH QUALITY FINISH: Made with CNC precision cutting machinery and Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation, this headphone stand is designed for Ultra-long use life and extremely smooth to touch and hold.

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Wide Padded Hanger

With a spacious 2.2" by 1.7" padded hanger and a smooth synthetic brown leather wrapped in a wide arc form, the hanger ensures minimal creasing of your headset's padding.

Extra Stable Base

Fully covered silicone pad with a thickness of 0.04" together with a 0.18" thick solid Aluminum base allows the stand to sit firmly on the desk while mounting your headset.

Tall Design For Professionals

The tall usable 10.4" height is designed for professional headphone's which require extra room for large cords near the base.

Convenient and perfect for most modern desk setups

The high quality Sand-blasted Aluminum Anodic Oxidation finish offers an ultra-long use life to share from one headset to the next. All tools are provided for setup.