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  • Electric Standing Desk With Adjustable Dual Tier Split Top Shelf

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  • ELECTRIC SIT TO STAND DESK: Enjoy the health benefits of a standing desk and enhance your working comfort in a sedentary workplace. Adjust from 28.4" (720mm) to 47.2" (1200mm) high and any height in between to improve your posture, alleviate your back and neck pains from bad postures instantly.
  • ERGONOMIC TWO TIER DESIGN: Adjustable top shelf offers 4 height settings between 0mm (0”) to 135mm (5.31”) to set your monitors at the most comfortable eye level for reading and working by providing extra comfort for your neck and shoulders. Create a single large spacious desktop measuring 43.3” (1100mm) by 27.6 (700mm) or a layered setup with the upper layer 43.3” (1100mm) by 10.8” (275mm) and lower layer 43.3” (1100mm) by 16.7” (425mm) split desktops.
  • ENHANCED TOP SHELF: Strong underside iron bar provides added strength to support larger and heavier monitors on the top shelf. A hanging cable tray 420mm (16.5”) by 125mm (4.92”) is included and two 50mm (1.97”) grommet holes are designed for cable management or mounting extra monitor arms for a productive and organized setup. Embedded tablet holder with pass through cable holes allow for charging smartphones and tablets while propped up.
  • PROGRAMMABLE HEIGHT SETTINGS: The mountable energy-saving height adjustment control panel displays your current frame bar height and stores to memory up to 2 different heights of your choice.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Sturdy 2 leg iron desk frame supports up to 176 lbs (80kg) and fits perfectly in homes, classrooms, and offices for a productive workstation or co-work setup. Robust anti-scratch feet help to level the frame on uneven surfaces.
  • SINGLE-BOX SHIPMENT: The tabletop and legs come in one box with easy-to-use tools and pre-drilled tabletop holes for simple assembly.